Speciality Tyres

No single compound can provide solutions for varying application demands of Material Handling Industry
tailor-made compounds for

Diverse Applications

Emerald offers comprehensive range of specialty tyres developed using tailor-made compounds to meet the requirements of diverse operating conditions. Some of the popular versions are listed here and more versions available on demand.


for clean, epoxy coated floor
Non-markers are otherwise called as white tyres generally used in clean floor surface conditions like in pharmaceutical, food processing industries to totally eliminate black driving and braking marks caused by tyre wear contributing to cleaner working environment.


for high ambient temperature
Heat resistant tyres are used in applications working in high ambient environment like foundries and smelters. The normal tyre can withstand an ambient temperature of 45°C whereas the heat resistant tyres can function well up to 90°C ensuring optimum life.


for oily floor
Oil resistant tyre are constructed using a richly formulated base, centre and special tread that prevents damage or pre-mature wear from chemicals and oils.


for sharp-edged workplace hazard
Ideal for bottling plants, glass factories, iron and steel plant applications where tyres are prone to cut damages due to sharp edged objects like glass pieces, iron scraps, etc.


for electrically conducting environment
Used in environments where the electrostatic energy on tyres could cause an explosion. Anti-static tyres are made with a unique tread compound that reduces the charge.


for wet, slippery and snow conditions
These tyres offer excellent traction while operating in wet, snowy and slippery surface conditions.


for ribbed, concrete floor
Anti abrasive tyres are meant for uneven ribbed floor conditions like concrete surface where tyre wear rate is generally very high.


for inclined surface and access ramp
Offer excellent traction and grip while running on inclined surface conditions like access ramps.

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