Emerald’s varying versions of forklift tyres are designed for high level performance ensuring higher returns for the money spent on tyres.

Forklifts have become an indispensable equipment worldwide for moving heavy loads from one place to another over short distances at restricted speeds.

The forklift technology is constantly getting upgraded in its power source, load rating, lifting heights, automation, mobility, manoeuvrability, stability, environmental friendly, energy efficiency, productivity, safety, etc.

The equipment is used in varying surface conditions and work environments from warehouse to scrapyard, from epoxy coated flooring to furnace region so on and so forth.

The significance of forklift tyres is assessed by the fact that it always continue to remain as one of the key component in the equipment that greatly determines its overall performance, stability, safety, energy savings, manoeuvrability, reduction in maintenance and recurring spares cost besides others.

Emerald recognises the fact that no single compound can provide solutions to the varying demands of the application and also the necessity to offer products for every single price-performance matrix.

Emerald’s varying versions are designed for high level performance ensuring higher returns for the money spent on tyres.

Forklift Tyres

Special tread

This compound is used for cooler running and wear resistance

Wider tread profile

Improvises traction and stability

Higher load rating

Reinforced nylon casing aids in load rating

Rim-guard protector

Protects the rim flange area

Industrial Pneumatic Tyres




Solid Resilient Tyres

Super Premium

Greckster Gold


Greckster MEO

Solid Plus

Emerald Solid Resilient Tyres for Forklifts

Technical Specifications

IPT – Greckster IND01

IPT – Greckster IND04

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